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I provide professional snare and trapline instruction whether it's on your line or mine. Special group rates for clubs, groups, state
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Our cable restraints are loaded to be species specific. These restraints are made with Reichart 180-degree reverse bend lock, Kaatz Relax-A-Lock, Berkshire 90 Degree Bend, Micro Lock, BMI Slide Free Lock,  or Penny Lock, 285#, 300# or 350#  B.A.D., All come wtih  tubing support collar, deer stop, loop limit stop, and a 9 gauge end swivel. Our options allow you to custom make your own cable restraints.

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#1 Snare - Gray Fox
7x7 3/32" x 40 inches.

are our business!
If you'd like a snare other than those listed, please let us know.

Pre-Dipped Snares
We can dip your snares with Formula One prior to shipping to you. If you need snares in a hurry and have no time for treatment, this is the answer for you! Simply order your snares, then add your dip choice to the shopping cart.

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#2 Snare - Red Fox/Gray Fox
7x7 3/32" x 48 inches.

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#3 Snare - Red Fox/Coyote
7x7 3/32" x 60 inches.

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#4 Snare - Coyote
1x19 3/32" x 72 inches.

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Note: Approved Cable Restraint Locks in Pennsylvania include Reichart 180-Degree Reverse Bend Washer Lock, Kaatz Relax-a-Lock, Berkshire 90-Degree Bend Washer, Micro Lock, BMI Slide Free Lock, and Penny Lock. Check your state regulations about legal locks in your state.
3/32" x 60" (1.5 meters) 1x19 cable with 180-degree bend Reichart Washer Lock, J-hook 285-pound (122.5 kg) Breakaway, Deer Stop, 3-1/2" (8.9cm) Tubing Wammy, 12" (30cm) Loop Limit Stop, 8/0 Mid-Swivel Barrel, 9 gauge End Swivel.
NEW! Ontario Legal Cable Restraints