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I provide professional snare and trapline instruction whether it's on your line or mine. Special group rates for clubs, groups, state
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Buck in Rut Urine With Glands
This urine is also collected only from rutting bucks, with just the right amount of buck gland lure added. Formulated for bringing in subordinant as well as dominant bucks. Use at scrapes and artificial scrapes.

Doe-in-Heat Urine
One of the best attractors for all seasons. Collected only from doe deer in heat. For best results, use as a trailing scent and for positioning a deer for your killing shot.

Buck Forehead Gland Lure
Use this at rubs, scrapes and scent stations all summer. It keeps them attractive. In the fall, use with Buck Gland Lure for added drawing power and a change-up.

Buck in Rut Urine
This urine is collected only from rutting bucks. Use this urine for all deer during all seasons. This is also a good trailing scent.

Earth Cover Scent
A true scent of fresh turned-over earth. "Man!" Earth is everywhere, even underwater -- but water and earth make mud, Right? Well, just dry it and you get earth again. "Nuff said!"

About Newt Sterling
Cedar Cover Scent
This is a natural Eastern White Cedar (Jersey Cedar) scent. Do not confuse this with cypress, red or western cedar which are sold by others.
Fortified Fox Urine
A special blend of fox urine and other curiosity scents. Deer cannot pass up this scent! Use like you would the Red Fox Urine.
Red Fox Urine
This is the best natural curiosity attractor for the Eastern White Tail. Use as a trailing scent and for shot positioning. I do not recommend it for a cover scent as do other lure makers, since the deer will look for the source of the scent (which will be you if you are wearing it!)
Subordinate Buck Urine
Use at rubs, scrapes and scent stations all summer to keep them attractive. In fall, use with Buck in Rut Urine With Gland for added drawing power and a change-up.
Trapper's Medicine
A gland lure that's a great curiosity attractor. Excellent for deer. Conjured up hundreds of years ago by mountain men trappers who ventured into the wilderness areas east and west of the Mississippi River in search of fur and hides. Use this for shot positioning.
Trapper's Secret
A gland lure that's a great curiosity attractor. Made with an imported extract that makes it irresistable to deer and furbearers alike. Mountain men of old placed high value on this extract. Use for shot positioning.
Yellow Pine Cover Scent
"In the Pines, in the Pines where the sun never shines......" Get the picture?

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Newt Sterling has excellent snaring credentials. He routinely snares red and gray fox, raccoon, beaver, otter, muskrat and mink in the salt marshes around his home in Port Republic, New Jersey, and has snared coyote in Ohio. While on a bear hunting trip in Ontario he set a half-dozen snares and caught a huge timber wolf the second day. He has done plenty of demos, including the NTA Conventions, and has been an instructor at the Fur Taker's College in LaGrange, Indiana. Newt has also worked as a Predator Control Contractor with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, catching fox, coon and feral cats to protect the nests of Piping Plovers, of which there are about 600 nesting pairs in the world.